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Japan – Our New Home

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We are now living in Japan and are settled in comfortably. I was very
surprised after seeing the house my wife found in Kyoto city – it is very big!
We are very lucky. But the weather is very hot and humid so it is
difficult for us Canadians who are use to cool climates.
The first 2 days I slept and on the 3rd I walked around the neighborhood. We
are 10 minutes walk from Katsura station which is only 10 minutes by train from downtown Kyoto. On the 4th day Koki, my son, and I went to the most famous temples in Kyoto. First we went to Yasaka Jinja and then Chioin which was in the movie The Last Samurai; it also has a large bell.

Then we went to Kiyomizu-dera which overlooks Kyoto from the side of a mountain. There are
thousands of temples and shrines in Kyoto and it is impossible to see all of
them so we went home and looked to visiting other sites later.

On July 15th Koki and I went to see Gion Matsuri (festival) with our student
from Canada, Eric. There were so many people and it was very crowded. But
everyone was in a good mood and we enjoyed ourselves very much. On the 17th
during the day the large HOKOs are pulled down the main streets by hand
which is very exciting to watch.

My wife, Mayumi, and I went to Matsuo Taisha shrine the following week in
western Kyoto and watched a traditional Shinto festival. Our timing was
perfect and we saw many wonderful things. It was incredibly hot and we could
only imagine how the Shinto priests and participants felt in the layered
clothing! We think Matsuo Taisha Jinja is one of the best places to visit in

Yesterday, I went to the Shinseikai Dojo in Yagi and met Shinseikai members.
The Dojo is brand new and in a beautiful location. It was so nice to meet
Shinseikai Japan members and train with Tanaka Kancho. I feel like a
beginner when training with Tanaka Kancho! And it feels so good to be a
student again! Ganbarimasho! Osu!


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